NYC Day 2

Day 2 was actually pretty relaxed and probably the least-touristy out of all three days..kind of. We caught the subway from Penn Station down to SoHo and spent most of the afternoon just walking around in the sun. We went to Katz’s delicatessen which was a pretty awesome experience. The sandwiches are around $20 but you get what feels like half a cow for that amount so it’s a pretty good deal.




As the sun started to disappear we made our way to the Spring Street area to shop before we headed back uptown to the midtown district where we met up with our friend’s friend for dinner at Dos Caminos. To be honest, this meal was completely overpriced and disappointing. I know it’s New York City and not small town American anymore, but I paid¬†$14 for a plate of chips and guacamole. I mean the guac was good, but definitely not worth the money…and that was the cheapest option on the menu. If you can afford that great, but there are definitely more affordable options out there for travelers. I will say however, that the $12 margarita’s that we got were delicious. The drinks menu was pretty extensive which was cool…the dinner menu I felt not so much.


Although the dinner was kind of disappointing, we were able to get a free ride back to New Jersey which balanced out the wallet somewhat (the train is about $11 each way). I am super salty however, because as we were leaving the city we had the most amazing view looking back at the skyline and NO-ONE TOLD ME it was coming up. I had to fumble in my pocket to grab my phone to try and capture it before you drove right past and I ended up with a semi-blurry representation of what was a gorgeous view.



But now I have some really tough decisions to make: Do I want to grow up to be an Upper East Side Princess? Or a super cool SoHo chick?

These are the difficult questions that falling in love with all of NYC makes you ask yourself.


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