NYC Day 3

For my final day in the city we went to Central Park. I know that trying to fit all of NYC into one 3 day trip is physically impossible, but Central Park was on the top of my to-see list and I wanted to see as much of it as possible this time around.

Lucky for me New York turned on an absolute stunner of a day and we were able to walk around in the sunshine and really enjoy the park and it was amazing. I feel like such a cliche with just how in love with this city I am and I don’t know if it’s just because it was such a nice day when we were there, but wow…Central Park is something truly amazing.


We caught the subway from Penn Station to 66th Street and entered the park there. First things first was food as neither of us had eaten yet. On the menu? Street meats (or street vendors, whatever you call it – basically we got hot dogs). Because what’s more NYC than eating a hot dog from a street vendor in the middle of Central Park? Probably a lot, but I definitely felt very city, or very touristy – I’m still not completely sure which.


We then just mosied our way through the park and hit a few of the major “attractions” on the way.



Real life Chuck and Blair


I think one of my ultimate favourite things about the park is the city scape view you get. The skyline of the city just looks so peaceful and serene: You don’t hear or see any of the crazy taxi’s in the street, you can’t smell the subway and you’re not (usually) getting hustled and bustled off the sidewalks by busy New Yorkers or frantic tourists. It’s calm here and I love it; because at the same time you feel so isolated from the city, you are in fact standing in the (near) center of the island.



We finally ventured out of the sanctuary of the park and back into the busy streets of the city, coming out at 86th street. In the space of about 3 hours we covered 20 blocks of the park, zig-zagging through the multiple pathways on our way up. Although it wasn’t the whole park, I’m kind of excited that next time I go back (because it’s definitely happening) there will be more to explore.

We took a quick Starbucks break to recharge – quite literally to charge our phones, but also to give our feet a bit of a break before we caught the subway back down to the SoHo area in search of a good happy hour. My best NYC tip: Starbucks are your friend, make use of them. They’re warm, always have charging outlets, toilets and not too overpriced refreshments, plus the free wifi is always nice. Also Happy hours happy hours happy hours…don’t be a sucker and pay for full priced drinks!

For my final evening in the city I wanted to find somewhere I could sit outside in the sun, with a drink in my hand, maybe some appetizers and just enjoy being in the city. We got off the subway at Spring Street and retraced our steps from the day before back to what we felt like was a good bar/pub area.


We ended up at a good ol’ pub called The Red Lion. It had $3 drafts, $5 well drinks (house spirits) and half price appetizers…and there was a small section outside that was somewhat in the sun and well-positioned for people watching. It also had live music which we didn’t stick around for but if we had more time I definitely would have investigated.


This place was great. It was dingy and dark inside, the bartender was Welsh (I think) and whilst I was closing my tab I met three Australians who were sitting at the bar. People ask me if Australians are really our big enemy and I say yes (for the most part, in a love/hate kind of way) except for when we find ourselves in another country together, then we’re friends. And it was true.

It was really nice to hear a somewhat familiar accent, to be able to use words like rubbish in a sentence and not be met with puzzled faces. It was the perfect end to my best day in New York City and epitomized exactly why I love this place so much.

The city is beautiful, in so many ways and has so much to offer, but if I had to name my favourite thing it would be just the sheer diversity of people. Tourists and New Yorkers alike, I have never walked down a single street or been in one shop and seen such a collection of people from all edges of the world. Without getting too deep, I just loved being able to walk down the street and hear 3 different languages and see people dressed in everything from business suits to preppy J-Crew outfits to Rabbi’s to grungy rock chicks.

I cannot wait to get back to NYC and for my next round of adventures.



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