Sunset on the Desert Road, NZ

Come explore New Zealand with me and travel through the Desert Road, part of New Zealand’s main state highway.


The Desert Road is a portion of State Highway 1 that runs through Tongariro National Park and beside its three mountains; Ruapehu, Nguaruhoe and Tongariro. The road itself is fairly treacherous and can catch foreign travelers out especially. It is a two lane road with many hairpin turns and windy bends.

Due to it’s location, sometimes the road can be closed because of bad weather/snow; so if you are planning a trip to New Zealand and planning on driving through here, make sure you check ¬†the road closures before you head off.

I hope this footage helps you to explore this beautiful part of New Zealand with me.

Are you looking to travel to New Zealand anytime soon? Any tips or hints that you would like to hear – let me know!


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