About me

The basics:

— New Zealand native

— Irish citizen as well

— Travel, food, style lover

I recently just graduated from a college in Pennsylvania where I played basketball for four years, and have moved out West to work for a small community newspaper.

For more information about my writing background, and links to my other writing, head over to my portfolio page

I probably write in a mix of New Zealand, American and British english. If you need anything translated just comment and I will try my best to assist you. When possible I always try to provide both metric and imperial measurements.


24 Comments on “About me”

        1. Yes, exactly! Where I’m from at home we don’t really get a proper “fall” with all the leaves and everything so I just love it here during that time 🙂 Where are you from?

          1. Same for me back in the Bahamas, which is where I’m from. We have summer, and summer. LOL! LOL! But always loved travelling around the United States and seeing the four seasons. Now living in Scotland, it’s the same as where you are, well almost, because there is no real summer here, though we do get the foliage and flowers but without the warmth of summer 😉

          2. Oh wow that’s so cool you’re from the Bahamas and live in Scotland now! I definitely want to move to the UK once I’m finished here eventually, and the Bahama’s has always been on my travel to-do list 🙂 Hahaha, typical Scottish weather that’s awesome

          3. LOL! I tell everyone summer is a myth in Scotland 😉 . I think you would love the UK. I love Ireland, wish we have moved there, but Scotland is a beautiful as well.

          4. I’ve been here 2 years now. And no you harden to the weather. When I see people born and grew up here complaining about the rain and how cold is it. I don’t feel so bad, because I think I’m doing well coming from the tropics, and haven froze to death here yet 😉

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