Not taken by me. Stock photo from creative commons.

Covering my first fatality

When I returned to the newsroom all I really wanted was a stiff drink.
Instead I had fruit salad.
As we sat at my editor’s desk scrolling through the 100 or so photos we had taken, any chocolate, sugar or caffeine would have been appreciated.
Instead I had pineapple.

Learning to embracing the now

I can wait to say my goodbyes to the people I’ve met, the friends that have become family, and the foreign country that has become my home.

Entering the newspaper industry

What a month to enter the professional world of journalism. Harvey, Irma, Mexico, Las Vegas, North Korea, California, Somalia, the list goes on. What a month for humanity really. It…

Moving across the world … again

Well I’ve done it again. After four years of building friendships, inviting myself into other people’s families and establishing an area of the world that feels like home, I’ve decided…

Falling back in love with writing 

I’ve always enjoyed writing, ever since I was a small child, but I’ve never considered myself a writer. Although I have a manuscript of my own rendition of a Mary-Kate…

Sunday stroll in Makara, NZ

There’s nothing like a family stroll on a Sunday morning on a perfectly sunny winters day; and it’s even better when you’re lucky enough to be able to walk around…

A weekend away

I recently traveled up to Taupo for a family weekend getaway. Despite being the middle of winter we had gorgeous blue sky and sun all weekend, although it wasn’t quite…

Coming home

Studying in America is great. In the three years I’ve been there, I’ve experienced a multitude of opportunities that would never have crossed my path if I had stayed in New…